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Smart City & IoT

Smart city and IoT solutions improve our customers efficiency and manageability of their assets and stakeholders. In order to transform and revitalizing cities, technology is a vital component. Akses Prima will optimize urban systems for future city growth by utilizing cutting edge smart city and IoT technology.


Prepare for the age of Smart Cities and IoT

Akses Prima will build an architecture for ‘smart cities’ and the Internet of Things that allows and connecting the physical world to the Internet with the wide range of Services and Solutions for your Business. We aim many things gained through Smart City & IoT, we also hope for the result to gain more city efficiency, decrease pollution level, better health Etc. Let's together build that dream city, and try very best to achieve it.

Smart Cities and IoT Revolution

Implementation of smart city technology and Internet of things surely will help your city grow and thrive. People live in the cities, and in the future more and more people are moving to also live in cities. There are tons of living aspect that can be affected by the Smart City and IoT technology, digital LED street signs, banners to broadcast emergency advisories, interactive street signal, Digital advertising or public information and many more to make your life easier.

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